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About Us

The Quantum Prana is a luxurious and confidential holistic care retreat centre located amongst idyllic rice fields near Ubud, Bali. It caters to clients seeking profound transformation: overcoming stress, anxiety, executive burnout, ennui, mild depression and other mental health challenges, including addiction treatment, executive function disorder issues, compulsive behaviours and co-occurring disorders.

Our Guest

Our guests require discretion, privacy and superior evidence-based, comprehensive bespoke treatments. We treat only one client at a time, and we accommodate couples seeking to achieve optimum wellness and health.


Our treatment revolves around state of the art, evidence-based methods with a multidisciplinary approach, deriving from the latest research findings on quantum physics, epigenetics and neuroplasticity, meaning that we are on the forefront of recovery  from a range of ailments. We also incorporate more traditional therapeutic tools and practices.

We are proud to be the only facility in the world to offer our trademarked Zero Protocol™ clinical approach to residential treatment for addiction.


The location of our centre is especially favourable for people taking steps towards meaningful and lasting changes in their lives.

Bali offers a unique healing environment that is conducive to therapy and provides opportunities to incorporate esteemed local cultural experiences, arts, natural tropical beauty and year-round good weather.​


The Quantum Prana was brought to life by our two founders: Paul N. Tanner and Scott Bauer. 

Paul Nicholas Tanner, counselling psychologist, Quantum Energy Coach and leading addiction specialist designed and created our exclusive Zero Protocol™ clinical modality for the treatment of addictions.

Scott Bauer, a recovery coach in addiction, an Ashtanga yogi and Mahayana Buddhist practitioner has created an entirely unique network with the cultural and spiritual leaders of Balinese traditional healers, artists and respected cultural figures. His carefully designed local activities seamlessly support and enhance Quantum Prana’s clinical programs.

The clinical team is carefully selected to assure the highest quality of service and optimum progress for our clients. We believe that it is through living our principles - not only talking about them - that we truly facilitate change in the life of others.


As discretion and anonymity are paramount to all aspects of The Quantum Prana services, most clients contact us through referrals or word of mouth. We can accept only a limited number of guests each year. 

If you are interested in The Quantum Prana experience for yourself or your loved one, contact us to check if our programs are suitable for you. If we have no current availability you are welcome to sign up to our waiting list.

Meet the Founders

Paul Nicholas Tanner

Clinical Director and Treatment Programs Creator

Paul has been working in the field of addiction for over 30 years in various parts of the world. He has a Licenciatura en Psicologia in Spain, BSc Honours in Psychology in the UK and studies in addiction and co-occurring disorders, Focus on Integrated Treatment (FIT) with Hazelden and Columbia University Psychiatry in the USA.

As Treatment Director and Clinical Manager, Paul has developed and installed treatment programs for residential facilities in Asia and Europe and has a private practice that takes him to visit clients around the world. He enjoys the challenge of working with people of different cultures. He speaks Spanish, Bahasa Indonesia and a little French.

The culmination of decades of experience, learning and research has led to the creation of his trademarked Zero protocol™ program for compulsive behaviours and addictions. Drawing on published research and writings by his teachers Dr. Joe Dispenza and Dr. Melanie Salmon, he has woven together existing treatment models with recent scientific research into human potential for change.

He is currently associated with The Kusnacht Practice, where he regularly supports their clinical team as a case manager. His skills are additionally utilized by various VIP recovery units worldwide as a consultant counselling psychologist and addictions expert.

He is passionate about the huge potential for transformation that lies just beneath addictions and mental health disorders. He is a ‘learner for life’, and his clinical approach is informed by groundbreaking research in the areas of neuroplasticity, epigenetics and quantum physics. He is a qualified QEC (Quantum Energy Coaching) trauma practitioner and supervisor.

Beyond the noise of different models and modalities, Paul believes that compassion and positive psychology are what best heal and that the therapeutic alliance with clients is easiest found through the language of respect and love.


Scott Bauer

Head Recovery Coach & Supporting Practices Director

Scott Bauer, originally from New York, relocated to Ubud, Bali, in 2012.  He was a member of the founding team at The Dunes, East Hampton, New York and the founder of PRANA BALI in Ubud, both of which are luxury mental health and addiction treatment centers.  He is also co-owner of USADA Bali, which offers visitors to Bali authentic cultural experiences.Scott’s passion for helping others transform their lives comes from his personal experience and his work as a coach in mental health. As a student of Ashtanga yoga, Meditation and Ayurveda, he incorporates his knowledge into a style of coaching that prepares the clientele of The Quantum Prana for deep and lasting change through foundational practices that seamlessly enhance The Quantum Prana programs and Zero protocol™ techniques. 

Raised in the New York area, Scott began his college studies at Syracuse University, before transferring to the University of Colorado. His major was Pre-Medicine and Molecular biology. He found his love for the anthropology of the arts while at University.

Driven by his passion for anthropology, he became fascinated by the Asian approach to emotional well-being. He has a deep cultural and artistic connection with the Balinese culture, which he shares with our Quantum Prana guests as a means to transform and awaken the spirit.

Scott was a member of the founding team at The Dunes and the founder of Pranabali in Ubud, both of which are luxury mental health facilities.



Dr Asih graduated first in general medicine and then psychiatry from the Faculty of Medicine and Health Sciences at Bali’s Udayana University. Her focus quickly became substance abuse and addiction issues which led her undergo further addiction studies and clinical experience in Salzburg in Europe and Adelaide in Australia.

She is currently a consultant at Denpasar’s BROS hospital and leads the medical education program at FKK Unwar.

Over the last decade Dr Asih has acquired a broad range of modalities and hands on experience in treating compulsive behaviours. She is currently completing her PHD in biochemical science.

As a native Balinese, Dr Asis’s own spiritual practice brings deep compassion to her approach, which The QuantumPrana Practice values very highly.

Tjok Gde, an native of Ubud, is one of the foremost homeopathic doctors in Indonesia.  His practice and laboratory is a Sanctuary for anyone in Bali seeking to improve their health by natural means.

He holds a Bachelor of Health Science (Homeopathy) from the University of New England, and an Advanced Diploma of Homeopathy from the Australasian College of Natural Therapies, Sydney.

Tjok Gde Kerthyasa is well known throughout Indonesia for his pioneering television show about natural medicine, ′Nature Life′, which was aired nationally on the Trans TV network, as well as in Singapore and Malaysia, and his book on natural medicine “Sehat Alami Secara Holistic” which is sold throughout Indonesia


As Head Physician and Co-Founder of Amrtasiddhi, Dr. Sujatha Kekada is a certified Ayurvedic doctor who completed her degree in Karnataka, India and then practiced in Kerala, South India. She has also worked as an Ayurvedic consultant in Europe and Asia at top health retreats.

Her extensive knowledge of Ayurveda coupled with her warm and intuitive nature has allowed her to facilitate deep healing for many of her patients.  In addition to Ayurveda, she integrates Theta Healing in her approach which allows her to successfully address the emotional aspects of healing in her patients.

Dr Rai adopts a collaborative and holistic approach to mental health focusing on  Compassion based models of treatment.

He and his team specialize in bespoke private villa consultations.

Dr I Gusti Ria believes in a collaborative approach to mental health, as well as a holistic approach. His focus on recovery model of treatment and experience with community based psychiatric care has earned him high regard in the local community

Jonwin Lee was born into Chinese Family in Indonesia. Even as a child he developed great interest in Chinese Philosophy and Wisdom. He has consistently built on this interest in his studies and career as a physician, healer and martial-arts instructor using a wide range of Chinese modalities to create harmony and balance in the lives of his patients.

He qualified as a Doctor of Chinese Traditional Medicine (CTM) and acupuncture at Chengdu University in China. He has since studied in medical Qi Gong (ancient martial arts) as well as gaining certification in Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP) in UK, emotional focused therapy (EFT), multiple trauma release therapy as well as becoming a qualified hypnotherapy trainer.

Jonwin’s blend of ancient Chinese Traditional Medicine and more modern western healing modalities support his patients in achieving their goals in life. His unique skills and caring nature allow for a perfect fit with our integrated clinical team at Quantum Prana and the Zero Protocol programs we offer.

Dr Rodriguez attended Medical School in his hometown, Málaga, moving to Madrid to complete the four-year residency in Psychiatry at the José Germain Psychiatric Institute.

During the last three months of his residency, he carried out a New York Psychiatric Institute rotation.

One of his areas of interest has been psychotherapy, especially psychological trauma and recovery. His training includes EMDR, hypnotherapy, psychodrama, relational psychoanalysis, group therapy and strategic therapy.

He is also trained in legal psychiatry, mood disorders, addiction and TMS.

He has been based in Ibiza for 16 years, and his professional activity is focused on community psychiatric care in the public health system and the private practice, including his role at Ibiza Calm as medical director and his own practice.

The Staff 

Balinese people are famed for their friendliness, kindness and genuine smiles. Born and raised in silversmith village in Bali, Wira is gifted with all of these qualities.

His local knowledge helps keep clients informed about Balinese culture and working with the Executive Concierge he is always happy to assist them in getting their needs met

Kristi is a yoga teacher who guides from her heart. At Quantum Prana she enjoys the opportunity to work with one client at a time, adapting her classes to the needs and fitness abilities of each person she works with. Her kind nature ensures that our clients feel very comfortable as she encourages them to be a greater version of themselves.

She was born in Bintan Island, a small island of Sumatra, working as an accountant until she discovered and fell in love with yoga. Following her new passion for Yoga, she moved to Ubud, Bali in 2015.

She trained with her Indian Guru in Ubud and went on to complete her 200hr Yoga Teacher Training in Jakarta. Since then she has been teaching Hatha, Vinyasa, Yin, and Beginner and Kids Yoga in resorts, sport clubs and yoga studios in Sumatra and Bali.

As our dedicated personal chef, Suki is a vital part of our hospitality and client-experience team.

Born and raised in Bali, he not only provides delicious, nourishing food for the client, but also a link to the colorful and vibrant village life of the area. His kind and compassionate nature and his attentive care for the client’s needs and tastes, makes him a quiet but supportive force in the daily experience of our programs.


Putu studied at the University School of Tourism in Bali and had 10 years of experience designing menus as chef in a wide range of high-profile restaurants, hotels, and villas throughout Bali before joining our team.

His expertise in combining client’s tastes with our consultants’ nutritional recommendations allows him to create meals which reflect a fusion of both western and local Asian recipes

Adji was born and raised in Kintamani Songan, in the volcanic area of Bali, which is steeped in traditional Bali culture and tradition.

Adji is a leading teacher of the martial art Pencak Silat Bakti Negara, which is a cultural heritage of the Balinese people. He started to pursue this martial art at the age of 7 years, first learning from his grandfather, who is a pencak silat practitioner.

His passion grew from there and he continued his studies and practice until today. He has been successful in numerous championships at the district, provincial and national levels, and now is busy teaching in his own studio, as well as at Quantum Prana

What Is Included

We create bespoke treatment programmes. The investment varies depending on each client’s needs and requirements. When building the plan, we take into account:

Packages exclude:

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