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As a client of The Quantum Prana, you will be warmly welcomed into our ultra-luxury rehabilitation and mental health retreat, with access to exceptional personalized services and unparalleled clinical support.

The Bespoke Approach

While creating your collaborative treatment program, you will be able to select up to 15 hours per week of one to one therapy sessions, utilizing a variety of different clinical modalities. This significantly exceeds other wellness and addiction treatment centers standards.

Together we will carefully curate a bespoke individual program that goes beyond the clinical treatment of mental health challenges, reaching into the root of dis-ease.

Our signature Zero Protocol™ approach will offer you support and guidance to identify and connect with your ultimate potential.

Science-Based Holistic Care

Discreet Travelling Assistance

You can decide to request our assistance at every stage of your journey, ensuring a safe journey to your personal retreat.

Our executive concierge and one of our senior staff can help you arrange your personal matters prior to departure, advise on the packing list and accompany you during your travels from your place of departure all the way to your Bali luxury accommodation.

The Quantum Prana Travel Assistance

Why Bali?

Travellers have been coming to Bali for years, to unwind, to indulge,  and to be refreshed. In this time, the island has developed a reputation for luxury. Eco retreat lovers can travel up to  the North of Bali to and be surrounded by  pristine nature.  Yogis  are able to head to a bespoke yoga retreat to connect with themselves, to heal and to let go.  Spiritual aspirants wishing to delve deeper into their meditation practice have the opportunity to book a meditation retreat. 

Those coming to Bali for healing also have access to various modalities available to them, and it is possible to have traditional Balinese medicine, TCM and Ayurveda for therapy from your ailments.  Bali is also now known for its selection of excellent wellness and addiction treatment centers, which are scattered across the island and serve both international and national clients. Of the wellness and addiction treatment centers available in Bali, we feel that our approach is one that best understands and meets the needs of high-achieving individuals.

The Quantum Prana’s rural location is conducive to transforming your life in a meaningful and lasting way. Bali’s reputation as a world centre for health and well being is well deserved and our retreats incorporate the best that Bali has to offer.

Natural tropical beauty, year-round good weather, highly regarded local cultural experiences, arts, tranquillity and benevolence of the local people - all these elements help distance you from old patterns in life and provide an extraordinary sense of possibility and expansion.

Connection with nature yields exceptionally positive results for cultivating health and a high state of coherence.


When you arrive in Bali, luxury accommodation will be waiting for you. 

You will be made to feel welcome in a lavish villa nestled in a beautiful traditional village in the heart of Bali surrounded by terraced rice fields, coconut palms and lush vegetation. Ultimate privacy, comfort and serenity will support your process of recovery and healing.


Gourmet Menu

Your culinary experience in The Quantum Prana will be highly nutritious and of exceptional quality.  It includes a diverse selection of seasonal fare, freshly prepared daily with organic local farm-fresh ingredients. 

Our menu combines Western and Indonesian cuisine and will satisfy your taste buds while promoting vibrant health.


Executive Concierge

Our bespoke offer is complimented by our dedicated concierge team who make certain you have all you need for comfort and convenience. From a toothbrush to a private jet - everything is possible.

Our team is handpicked by our clinical board, ensuring that along with a solid background in luxury hospitality comes clinical understanding and training.

Yatina Syam, head of the concierge team, will assist you at the start of the program to get a full understanding of your needs and will be available on a 24/7 basis throughout the treatment.

Leisure Activities

Your treatment plan wouldn’t be complete without a balance of fun and leisure.  As part of The Quantum Prana program , you can experience inspirational and heartwarming tours to secret natural wonders of Bali - beaches,  waterfalls, mountain treks and white water rafting.

You may choose to join exclusive tours to private arts and crafts workshops and important places of spiritual significance; you can meet with internationally renowned local artists and art curators and are able to attend cultural ceremonies of the Balinese people.

Immerse yourself in natural marvels and authentic cultural experiences to enrich your life with inspiration, wonder and awe.


What Our Clients Say

“The Quantum Prana approached my recovery with love, light, attentiveness and, above all, understanding.”
“Since The Quantum Prana (retreat), I have not used again. This, from my experience, is the perfect recipe for sobriety!”
“Your blessings are gifts you give to everyone lucky enough to encounter you.”
“You have continued to be a source of wisdom and strength for me.”
“We were provided a private luxury villa, a whole team of hospitality staff to look after us and, most importantly, the absolutely amazing clinical team was out of this world.”
“It felt like the weight was now off my shoulders, and my brother was in the right hands.” “The Quantum Prana team, thank you for being a second family to us and giving us the gift of hope.”
“You have proven that there really can be a happy ending to our story.”
“My brother and I will forever owe our new happy life to you.”
“The Quantum Prana did not treat me like a client but rather a member of their family.”
“The accommodation and service provided were 5 star standards, and they went out of their way to ensure I was always catered for and looked after.”

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