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You are offered ultimate discretion, privacy and the highest quality of evidence-based, comprehensive bespoke treatments.

Choose and Personalise

Our main treatment programmes are thoroughly personalised to meet your unique needs and requirements.

Executive Restoration

Pause, restore and inspire – personalised programs for demanding executives who yearn for the joy of work-life balance.

Primary Care Retreat

Primary retreats for compulsive conditions treatments (process and substance addictions).

Beyond Recovery 

Secondary care packages offer support for clients who have completed primary rehabs in other facilities, and for those who want to enhance their own recovery path.

We offer additional support services to stabilise your recovery and promote expansion: 

Your Optimum Future State

What Our Clients Say

“The Quantum Prana approached my recovery with love, light, attentiveness and, above all, understanding.”
“Since The Quantum Prana (retreat), I have not used again. This, from my experience, is the perfect recipe for sobriety!”
“Your blessings are gifts you give to everyone lucky enough to encounter you.”
“You have continued to be a source of wisdom and strength for me.”
“We were provided a private luxury villa, a whole team of hospitality staff to look after us and, most importantly, the absolutely amazing clinical team was out of this world.”
“It felt like the weight was now off my shoulders, and my brother was in the right hands.” “The Quantum Prana team, thank you for being a second family to us and giving us the gift of hope.”
“You have proven that there really can be a happy ending to our story.”
“My brother and I will forever owe our new happy life to you.”
“The Quantum Prana did not treat me like a client but rather a member of their family.”
“The accommodation and service provided were 5 star standards, and they went out of their way to ensure I was always catered for and looked after.”

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