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“The Quantum Prana approached my recovery with love, light, attentiveness and, above all, understanding.”


“After trying various methods, rehabs and self-will to become sober, I was at the end of a long, tortuous road. I would describe myself back then as defeated. A slave to my addictions and their inevitable outcomes. I would think there was no saving me and that I was at the point of no return. Fortunately, I came across The Quantum Prana.

Initially, quantum was an alien concept to me, but after my countless failings, I decided to give going clean one final attempt. During the program, the team peeled back layer after layer of my life from the beginning, and we addressed the trauma before an extraordinary transformation began to take place inside me. The methodology was different to what I had experienced in rehabilitation before. The Quantum Prana approached my recovery with love, light, attentiveness and, above all, understanding. Through Quantum meditation and prayer, my spirit began to free itself from the shackles that weighed it down. Hope, Self Love, Faith and Gratitude replaced Anger, Pride, Judgement and Shame. All the tools I learned in Quantum Prana taught me how to cross the river of change and become the person I once thought I could not be. Since Quantum Prana, I have not used again. This, from my experience, is the perfect recipe for sobriety!"


“You have continued to be a source of wisdom and strength for me.”

“Your blessings (...) are gifts you give to everyone lucky enough to encounter you. You are ascending, Paul. Open, honest, present and true... Our innocence is our foundation, and I feel honoured to share and reflect my innocence with you. You have continued to be a source of wisdom and strength for me.

I am secure and where I want to be in terms of my relationship with my children and elderly parents, as well as my business, which is an incredible gift. I find our interactions nourishing and inspiring.”


“A year later, my life has more meaning, joy and happiness.“

“When I first arrived at The Quantum Prana, I had no intention of achieving sobriety. I was simply present as a further attempt to show my family that I was trying. The truth is, I was adamant my life without drugs and alcohol would be lifeless and unenjoyable. However, throughout my journey into the program, my views quickly changed. My life was about to change forever. 


Although there was a wide variety of treatments suited to each person’s needs and beliefs, I was personally drawn towards quantum meditation practices that I learned from Paul, who is extremely knowledgeable in this field. I still to this day continue to use the meditations to my benefit on a daily basis.


Other beneficial programs that kept my mind and body strong ranged from Yoga, which I continue to practice, martial arts and excursions. The program was not all work, and there were plenty of fun activities arranged by Scott, which released some of the intensity of what I was learning about my condition. The rest of the staff were all extremely caring and supportive throughout the process. 


The accommodation and service provided were 5 star standards, and they went out of their way to ensure I was always catered for and looked after. 


What made the experience most comfortable is that I was able to meet people who were in similar positions as I was and provided inspiration of what life could be sober. 


Overall, The Quantum Prana did not treat me like a client but rather a member of their family. They cared truly for my well being. A year later, my life has more meaning, joy and happiness. Although I am experiencing difficult days, I know I could always count on the team’s 24/7 support and aftercare. I would like to thank Paul and Scott for all they have taught me and the continuous support and family feel.”


A Family Member

“The Quantum Prana team, thank you for being a second family to us and giving us the gift of hope.”

“Eight years ago, I started to notice that my brother, who was 21 at the time, was just a very different person when he consumed alcohol. When everyone else’s night ended, his would continue onto the next day. His behaviour was aggressive in contrast to when he was sober. We had constant battles and promises of how much was to be consumed, and we started to fear any social gatherings. Unfortunately, this had transitioned to the use of benzodiazepine in the past two years, and our world had turned upside down. No matter what we tried, we were not able to stop his addiction. 


We then started looking at centres online. However, none made us feel comfortable enough, and all seemed extremely commercial and unprofessional. The rest were over the top strict and used unkind methods, which we knew he would simply walk out from. 


Then we stumbled across The Quantum Prana, we connected with a member of the team, and it was an instant moment of relief. He immediately understood what we were going through and had so much knowledge of the situation from experience. 


We packed our bags and headed to Bali! We were provided with a private luxury villa, a whole team of hospitality staff to look after us, and, most importantly, the absolutely amazing clinical team was out of this world. The moment we stepped in and sat down, I walked out for a stroll. I remember taking a deep breath, realising I have never felt so much relief in years. It felt like the weight was now off my shoulders, and my brother was in the right hands.


Five weeks later, we understood that my brother had a disease of addiction. We understood why he had been different to everyone else around alcohol and why he had ended up on the path of other drugs.


After the program, things were tough in the real world; however, the team has remained - to this day - in constant contact with both of us for support. One year on, we can happily say that my brother remains sober and, most importantly, fighting to remain sober. 

The Quantum Prana team, thank you for being a second family to us and giving us the gift of hope. You have proven that there really can be a happy ending to our story. My brother and I will forever owe our new happy life to you.”

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