The Quantum Prana

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Fall in Love with Life

Bespoke and discreet Zero Protocol™  treatments for mental, emotional and physical well-being in the heart of Bali.

Unique Treatment Plans

Executive Restoration

Pause, restore and inspire – personalised programs for demanding executives who yearn for the joy of work-life balance.

Primary Care Retreat

Primary retreats for compulsive conditions treatments (process and substance addictions).

Beyond Recovery 

Secondary care packages offer support for clients who have completed primary rehabs in other facilities, and for those who want to enhance their own recovery path.

Who Benefits

Why The Quantum Prana

Cutting-Edge Science

We curate luxurious and confidential holistic care retreats in rural Bali. It is the first and only exclusive mental care centre that integrates the quantum-based Zero Protocol™ approach in its bespoke treatments.

Comprehensive Care

Our multidisciplinary approach combines the most recent scientific discoveries from the fields of quantum physics, neuroplasticity and epigenetics, with more traditional western therapeutic tools and practices, as well as eastern modalities of medicine and healing.

One Client at a Time

We prioritise your safety, confidentiality and privacy. We create a personal relationship with you – from the first moment, you are in contact directly with our directors who carefully assess your situation, needs and requirements.

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